Thursday, June 26, 2008

How do you measure the success of your Marketing and Branding results?


How do you know if the extra work you are doing that has nothing to do with closing an advertising contract or getting a feature article set up is creating value and return for you and your company?


When your relationship to an organization breaks down a persons initial reaction to put up a barrier and say no.

This week I spoke with a general contractor about doing a feature article on a great project that just opened. When I started to talk with him about expanding the article from a small news article to a 2 to 4 page feature article some resistance was given and I backed off a little and started talking about who would read the paper and who I was associated with.

From speaking with him we both realized we were members of the same construction association and further to that he recalled getting a media release recently about our new partnership with the OGCA .

Suddenly barriers were dropped and a relationship started to form. Not bad considering we had never met in person or networked directly. However a relationship was established even before I called, we just had to remind each other.

Will this always be successful, of course not but the chances of me finding more success has increased.

Have you found recent branding or marketing success from your indirect selling efforts? Send me an email at and share your stories.

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